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Serena featured in the press


More Than Meets the Eye: BV students, professionals discuss struggles with body image

Rylee Bergmann, Chloe Browning, Brynn Friesen, Isabelle Fletcher, Kaitlin Green, and Ayesha Khan | December 16, 2020

BV alumna Serena Nangia recently moderated a panel called The Realities of Different Body Types in the U.S. Nangia is an associate at Caroline Sarah Ventures (CSV), an organization focusing on women who have been through challenging circumstances.

*Trigger Warning: Eating disorders, weight loss, numbers


Serena Nangia on "Reflections by Lily"

Reflections by Lily | September 24, 2020

These videos are the start of Lily's body positivity series where she invites guests to talk about standards of beauty, the fat liberation movement, and ways to be more inclusive.


Dismantling Normal | September 21, 2020

09: The Body Positive Movement | Serena

"Part of my identifying as a fat person is validating my own experiences. I do experience fatphobia on a daily basis." - Serena


Serena Nangia: A Body Positivity Activist

April Rose Volmer | April 22, 2019

"Men, women, non-binary people, and everybody else is affected by body image issues. I would suggest to anybody struggling with your body image to talk to yourself kindly." -Serena

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REbeLling against the norm: REbeL AU is a campus solution to educating students about body positivity

Stephanie Mirah | December 11, 2017

It is easy to get caught up in the most present problems, yet we cannot forget to continue the conversation on body image because, in the words of Nangia, “it is a continuous journey.”

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Body positive group wants to start a ‘REbeLution’ at AU: REbeL aims to educate students about body image, eating disorders

Hannah Rapoport | November 16, 2017

Nangia’s involvement and leadership in the group is influenced by her goal to educate herself and students alike about body-image related disorders, including eating disorders and body dysmorphia.


REbeL’s “Love Yo-Self” Photoshoot: A Body Positive Initiative

ZshekinahCollier | November 13, 2017

REbeL hopes its efforts in reaching out to others on campus, like sororities, fraternities and other organizations, will continue spreading their message of body positivity and self-love.


The BV District needs to include high school students in the discussion on important changes in order to cultivate progress.

Kaitlin Yu | August 28, 2017

BV alumni Serena Nangia, who gathered 430 signatures opposing the decision and spoke out at a board meeting, said the district failed to communicate to the students.


Making the Social Studies Switch: School board votes to no longer offer Area Studies elective; decision sparks various opinions among students, teachers

Hailey McEntee | December 4, 2014

Nangia said she received compliments regarding her bravery in giving the speech and an appreciative note from Superintendent Tom Trigg. Nangia said she would encourage students to advocate for their ideas.

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