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REbeL at American University


To date, REbeL at AU has put on dozens of events, including body positive photoshoots, educational webinars and workshops. It's most popular annual/bi-annual event,"Body Talks", is a body positive open mic night that encourages people of all backgrounds and experiences to share art, poetry, songs, and personal stories. In 2021, REbeL collaborated with She's the First AU and Her Campus AU to put on an event with guest workshop facilitator Serena Nangia, REbeL's Alumni Advisor, to discuss International Women's Day and body image.

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Image by Brett Jordan
Image by Alexander Shatov

REbeL at AU's Story

Founded in January 2017 by Serena Nangia, Evelyn Krippner, and Makenzie Gold-Quiros, REbeL at American University is a university-based peer-education program. REbeL was created on campus to address the lack of education and dialogue about body image issues, eating disorders, and self-esteem, among other issues.

The first of its kind at American University, REbeL strives to raise awareness of issues that are prevalent in college students while also providing safe spaces for community dialogue and healing. The below information outlines the importance of what REbeL does every day.

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